St Athanasius Recollection Centre is under development.  We are raising fund to acquire a 15 acre (6 hectare) piece of beautiful rural property in Ogun State, Nigeria that we intend to develop for our community of celibate men and women, as well as for married couples.
General Information   Syriac-Greek Antiochian Orthodox Catholic Mission Parishes

We have Missions, Parishes, Communities and Monasteries across Africa Continent: you are invited to join a Mission there. If there is no Mission or Parish near your resident, you can start one today.

You would be allowed to use the Typica Service within your homes on Sunday and Holy Days. Domestic Churches, Chapels, and Prayer Groups may be established in homes until a parish or mission can be officially established. "Distance Parishioners" would also be allowed to make their 10% tithe to the parish attached by uniting them to it in good standing.

For further information contact His Excellency Archbishop Anthony at archbishop@antiochianorthodoxchurch.org  If you are interested in assisting the Archdiocese in establishing a mission parish in your area, please write to us.

Anyone interested in having the Divine Liturgy served regularly within his/her environment and hopefully starting an Orthodox Mission, please write to us

Donations are welcome towards the growth and support of Orthodox Missions in Africa.


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Syriac-Greek Antiochian Orthodox Catholic Church in Africa